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Dua to recite for preventing marriage


Assalaamoalaikum! I’m married for 2 yrs and expecting Alhumdulillah . I’m actually going through a very tough time. There is some one or the other who is creating a clash between me n my husband.. Someone is actually breaking our marriage. Plz help me what Dua shall I recite for preventing my marriage. Jazakallah!

Alaikum salam.
Marriage is a sacred pact and its a good thing that you want to save your marriage.
My advice is first of all to see through your relationship with your husband and check if there are any short comings or.misgivngs between the both of you.  If there are God forbid, then try your best to patch them up in every possible way through your words and actions.
Allah has promised love between spouses but there has to be a way to go about it of course. A woman can sacrifice easily and give in by being humble because of using her emotions, specially if it be done intellectually.
Prayers will always have an effect to make a marriage stronger but without trying and struggling, there wont be a major difference.
If however, you are doing all you can with sincere prayers, thinking that something else could be the cause of your problems, you can start with seeking advice from an experienced and pious elder and recite this dua that is attached herewith to prevent from evil eye.
InshAllah if you continue with struggle and goodwill with sincere duas, you will reap the benefits in every field of your life.
Salma Alavi.