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Dua to Increase in sustenance


I want to ask that is there any hadith in which Nabi SAW forbade us to ask for long life (for some one ) in dua and i came to know that Nabi SAW made a dua for Anas bin Maalik about the increase in his wealth and children did Nabi saw also gave him the dua for his long life Kindly plz reply


Alaykum Al-Salam
asking for long life is not bad but may be it is a much higher standard what we have in the Dua of Imam Zein Al-Abedin
وَعَمِّرْني ما كانَ عُمْري بِذْلَةً في طاعَتِك، فَإذا كانَ عُمْري مَرْتَعاً لِلشَّيْطانِ فَاقْبِضْني إليك قَبْلَ أنْ يَسْبِقَ مَقْتُكَ إليَّ
Give me life while my life is spent in your obedience. if my life becomes a fied for Satan to roam in it, Please take my life.
about the Dua you are asking, I did not find in our sources but we find in Suni sources that the Prophet asked Allah to give Malik Ibn Anas a long life.
Best regards!

Sheikh Madani.