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Dua for younger brother

Assalam Walkm
I have a younger brother
During childhood, he used to be very talkative, active and well-behaving later as he grew up and started going to college for graduation he is not at all talkative he doesn’t talk to me mother father or sister.
he is not even going to the college just roaming with his friendsWe tried to give him counseling in every possible way. He is not at all interested in his studies.If we try to talk with him he just goes from there and doesn’t eat or talk with anyone for days now he is saying I will commit suicide.
He doesn’t even to want to go to college and study. We asked if he doesn’t to study u can try any business u like but he is not interested in business he just doesn’t talk and roam with his friends
he knows Islam well and goes to salah also.We tried to give him water by reading Quran verses like surah ya seen and ayat ul kursi.
Is there any ruqya or dua which would be very helpful
please send the answers as early as possible
jazakallahu khair

Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.
Sorry to hear about your brother. It is difficult to handle young blood especially when they aren’t ready to listen.
I would suggest you ask someone else, other than your immediate family member, to speak to him (someone he would listen to)
Also, take interest in his interest. It maybe hard, but this interest will bring love and understating and then slowly he will open up and start listening.
Youth tend to find comfort in friends and doing what he is already doing. Be that comfort in his bad times. When everyone in the family is cross with him. Offer love and understanding. Tell him you understand that it’s hard but well you’re with him and are ready to listen to him.
Things that will play with his psychology will really help.
Also ask your parents to read this dua. Pls assist them in reading the meaning too.

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In my prayers,

Naajiya Jaffery