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Dua to Allah to get married to girl i like


I like a girl in my neighbor and she also like me but she is forcefully convinced for marriage to some other man. She is not properly educated and no knowledge about Islam. Her family does every types of shirk and bidat including the family she is promised for marriage. I talked to her family but they refused to marriage. Though I love and care for her very much, I wanted to bring her out of shirk and bidat and educate her properly about Deen and Islam and this is one of the main reason for marrying her. . I cannot imagine, one day she will be in hell. I am very much depressed from 2 months. I have also committed sin with her which I deeply regret and seek forgiveness from Allah. My question is Can I pray to Allah, still give me her for marriage. She’s not married yet.

Waalaykum salam.
Dua is meant for everything. It could b for asking something or even repentance.
In your case, you wanted to bring her to the right way of belief but you already have committed a sin into doing it.
In this case, You should make dua for repentance and then pray for the best to happen to you and her.
Good luck..
InshaAllah that you find tranquility..