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Dua seeking for loved one back


Assalamu Alaikum.
Please is there any dua i can recite to help me get my loved one back and to make him love me so much again?

My second question is, i searched for a dua on the internet on various sites and it keeps saying if i act upon it, my dua can get answered within a couple of days. Is it permissable to act upon it and can my dua really be answered within that time? Is it okay?


Alaykum Al Salam

Thank you for your Question,

I couldn’t find such Duas in reliable religious sources and most of such claims are not valid.

Also, you must know using magic and Ulum Gharibe may give you the result you want but it has dark effects on ones life and it is Haram.

It is best for a believer to follow his religious duties and ask Allah. if it is good for him, Allah will give him what he asks for. But if it never comes, it wasn’t meant to.

Best regards!
AAA team under the guidance of Sayyid Madani