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Dua or Wazifa to get rid of someone


Assalam O Aleikum!

I am a boy who studies in school. I am very shy and modest and I do not like to be mixed up with girls. In my class I am from
engineering group in which there are 3 girls and 2 boys including me. My friend Rouhan is mostly absent, so I am the only boy studying with other 3 girls. I am very tense because of this as this is against my nature and I cannot tolerate this. Moreover, those 3 girls likes me and irritates me by intentionally continuously looking at me, or speaking only when I ask questions from teacher and intentionally going into and out of the classroom near my desk. I am very worried and cannot even study properly because of this as thoughts about those girls constantly come to my mind. Please tell me a Dua or Wazifa to get rid of these girls.


Assalamu alaykum brother.

I’m sorry to hear about your uncomfortable environment in class.

I would really recommend you to take it easy regarding this thing, if you deal with it easily, it will fade away faster than intended. For the same purpose do consider the following:

1- Are you sure that they are doing this to bother you or is it just something that’s occurring to you? Sorry I ask this way, sometimes when we are a bit uncomfortable in a particular environment we tend to become very self conscious. So I would really ask you to look into it again?!

2- Stay focused. Ofcourse you are attending school for a purpose and that
should be your real concern, once you’re head down, I’m sure the girls
will get a indiredt answer and move away. Avoid any eye contact. Resolves
a lot of issues.

3- Silence is the best answer to a fool, and actions speak louder than words, therefore your silence and zero reaction will soon be Nailed into their Brain’s.

4- Just in case if the situation become a bit more unbearable or so, be very blunt and announce your concern. It could be as simple as ‘I’d appreciate it if you used the other way to get in or out if the class,
Thank you’ once they have the clarity of your thoughts and firmness I’m sure they will back of.

5- Prayers can do wonders brother. Constantly recite Salwat, ask Allah to
help you through the situation.

I hope this was useful