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Dua not being fullfiled.


I want to ask that I prayed continuously for some achievement in my professional life.I was about to get that also (I felt it) but later that position was given to somebody else.I am really sad and depressed coz I Worked really hard to achieve it and I deserved it so does it involve any kind of nazar or black magic as I know the people who surround me are not happy with my achievements.
What should I do now to get that post ???


Wa alaykum salaam

I am sorry for what happened with you but I am sure there is good in it.

Our duty in this world is to obey Allah, do dua and leave the rest on Him.
If it is good for us, we will get it otherwise He will grant us better than that.
My advice is don’t lose hope but at the same time don’t neglect the reality of life. There are times we go after things which are not meant for us. Allah always knows what is best for us.
I pray you get what is best for you.

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Sukaina Taqawi.