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dua for Seeking Marriage


Hi I am seeking marriage. Could you please advise me on what dua I could make or what I could do on the daily basis Thank you

Salaam Alaykum,
Ulemas recommend that if anyone is looking for a suitable match he/she should recite this dua in the qunut of his/her namaz:
اللهم اَغنِنی بِحلالِکَ عَن حَرامِک و بِطاعَتِکَ عَن مَعصیتِک
This dua from the quran is also recommended to be recited 114 times:«رَبِ ِانّی لِما اَنزَلتَ اِلیَّ مِن خَیرٍ فَقیر
. (قصص، آیه 24).
ziyarate ashura,dua e tawasuul can be recited
Namaze jafare tayyar (mafatehul jinan)is also recommended for getting your needs fulfilled
Sukaina Taqavi