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Dua for my ill mother


Asalam o alaikum My mother was not feeling well since april 2020, fatigue and weakness. We thought it can be general fatigue because last year me and she had to look after her paralysed brother who passed away in january 2020. We didnt take her to a doctor because of corona virus in our city. In july we took her to a doctor and tests were done which showed iron deficiency and anaemia. Any how her blood test were dangerous at that time. she received treatment and now she is not anaemic. One doctor has advised to get further tests and one says to wait 2 months if the same thing happens again, then we will see. I am very worried, constantly with her, having very negative thoughts about diseases which shouldn’t happen. Constantly searching internet. This has made her worried too and a tense situation is prevalent in our house. I have been praying tahajudd prayer and ziarat e ashura in morning. Please tell me what else i could recite to remove these waswasay, for my mothers health and that her tests should come clear. Please advise.


Assalamu Alaykum 

Thank you for your Question. 

I’m sorry to hear about your uncle’s demise.

So iron deficiency is quiet common among (epecially) women. Supplements is the solution. Another good Solution will be to consume iron-rich food like Greens, Meat, beans..etc. 

It can be worrying seeing ones mother Ill, however, Alhamdulillah,  Iron-deficiency is usually solveable and is usually controlable. hence, it Shouldnt worry you so much. 
From your writing i can telll that you are quiet tensed about the entire situation to the extent that it has disrupted the peace in the house. To over come this i have a few humbles suggestions: 

1- Internet is the last place one should be looking up for medical issues and solutions. It only increases your stress and anxiety. 
2- Recite dua no.15 from Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah (with meaning)
3- speak to Allah in plenty and leave the matter to Him (swt). you have done your part (and you should continue) to provide her with iron-rich food and supplements-as directed by her Doctor- and InshaAllah nothing will be wrong. 
4- its wise to learn that fear can actually rupture your peace. let it not get over to you. look at it this way, there are two things involved here, one is in your hands (menaing, you can actually do something about it), and the other is not. so the best would be to fulfill your duty -as you already are- and for the part that you cant to anything about, is best left to the most Powerful being i.e. Allah (swt). inshaAllah, Allah will help your mum and yourself.
5- you should try and moderate the situation in the house. worrying can be a cause to other problems. hence, its best that you shouldn’t be discussing this un-necessarily especially for your mother.  and also, try and bring about positive vibes so that it doesn’t create un-necesary fear. 
6-Set aside some charity as it brings Tranquility and eradicates Balaa.
7- Recite “La hawla wa la Quwata illa Billah Al-Aliyil Adhim” in plenty 

Imam Hussein (as) has always been the light one may need in trying times. You should keep up with your Ziarat. 

inshaAllah you can over come this fear. 
best wishes,