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Kindly advise any wazifa/dua that can cure chalazion (cyst)


I repeatedly get chalazion (cyst) on my eyelids. Have undergone surgery as well but it keeps coming back.

I have done 3 days wazifa of reading durood shareef 11 times, Ya Rahmanu 41 times, durood shareef 11 times but still have the chalazion on both eyelids

Recite Ya Nooru also 101 times after 5 prayers. Kindly advise any wazifa/dua that can cure it immediately as don’t want to undergo painful surgery again.


Assalamu Alaykum
Thank you for your Question

Kindly recite the Folowing dua by Imam Sajjad (s) in Sahifah al-Sajjadiyah.

Dua No. 15
I will highly recommend you recite the dua with meaning.

Also, it is highly recommended to do a Nadhr that you will recite either 1000 salawat or one Quran and gift it to the Noble mother of our Imam of the time Imam al-Mahdi (aj).

I pray your issue is resolved InshaAllah

Kind regards