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Dua for convincing husband for not moving back.


I want a dua to convince  My husband for not moving back to the city we recently left a year ago because every thing is settled here and  kids are also  happy.
He is not discussing with us, He just wants to move and has ordered us that we are moving.




Waalykum salam
Thank you for your Question

It can be quiet tensed to be in a situation like yours especially if it’s one man decision and everyone has to follow suit.

I will suggest:

1- You speak to him and explain yours and the children’s liking

2- You may want to speak to someone your husband would listen to. Like your mother in law, sister in law.. someone he would consider listening to.

3- Set aside some charity and pray to Allah to do what is best for you. After all Allah has power over everything and only He has complete command over everything

InshaAllah all goes well