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dua for anxiety and depression


AOA sir i need your help… sir my mother is a patient of depression amd anxiety since the last two years… we’ve been consulting several doctors..m we’ve consulted the best doctors but no use sir she still is in a state that she doesn’t want to do anything she feels like she’s very tired of this world whenever we ask her to recite quran e pak or about namaz she says that she wants to but she can’t she is always lying down the whole day on the bed saying that she is tired she’s a lecturer at college she often takes leave from college just to lay down in her room she says her mind is off shes doesn’t know what to do or how to do… actually two years back i got epileptic seizures due to which she was soo worried that she also got into this state of depression now Alhamdullilah m fine but she is not please for God’s sake help me with any dua what should i do we’ve been doing every possible thing to bring her back to normal she was a very religious lady before she prayed 5 times recited quran even had fasts as nawafil but now I don’t know what has happened to her people say that its some one’s nazar or someone had done some sort of kaala jadu on her…. please tell me what should i do please help me m in a huge trouble


Waalykum salam 

Thank you for your Question
Very sorry to hear about your mother. InshaAllah that her health is restored and she feels better
For Evil eye pls recite Surah al-Qalam: 51 and 52
Recite the above 7 times and blow the breath towards her.
Also, giving charity is highly recommended.
On a side note, you should get your mothers medical check done including blood evaluation. Sometimes a small underlining cause can create a drastic reaction. Depression and anxiety can also be cause by sever lack of vitamin D3.
InshaAllah that she feels better

Good luck

Naajiya Jaffery