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Aslam o alikum…..i wanna ask about drop shipping business in a different aspect.As it is clear from the hadith “Do not sell what you don’t possess.”according to this drop shipping is not permissible but there is a concession if ruling of “Sallam” is added.So what i wanna ask is in Pakistan people don’t use credit card etc to pay in advance for what they buy online.They use cash on delivery method.So would it be Halal if i display something on my website and then customer orders it and first i order it from supplier and that product comes to me and if it is what the customers ordered and it is meeting the requirements then i deliver it to customer and on receiving the product customer pays the price.Also if there is some kind of damage happens there will be return policy for it.Would it be Halal.


Wa Alaykumussalam

Thank you for your query.

If it is really a product and there is no legal prohibition and there is no injustice against the customer, there is no problem. Therefore,the product has to be Halal.

There is nothing wrong with receiving the money as an advance payment and then preparing the material and delivering it to the customer in the form of a sale.

In-case if the customer makes you a representative(Wakil) to procure the goods for him, and deliver him the product, then you must deliver at the same price and not at a higher price and later you can take your fees according to the initial agreement and contract you make in the beginning but some say in the case of being a broker without having the product one is not allowed to give it at a higher price.

To make it easier and fully Halal, what you can do is, buy with the intention that you are buying the product for yourself and later sell it to the customer.

Yes, you can get cash on delivery after you purchase the product with the intention of buying it for yourself and then selling it to the customer. Regarding the damage it depends on the rules and regulations of the company. Some or many companies would have the option of return policy if the product has any flaw.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider