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Husbands drinking Habit.


I wanted to ask about my friend who has been in marriage for 13yrs and has 3 kids.Her husband is very cooperative and caring plus looks after the kids too and help in household chores too.Also she has no problem of money too.infact he is an ideal husband in every sense but the only issue is of drinking which disturbs my friend a lot though he us not involved in any other illegal activity but he cant stop this friend has tried all means to stop him.broken his bottles,screamed,took promises,given references from quran and hadith regarding its prohibition, warned about health issues it causes but still he cannot stop.he says when i am fulfilling all my responsibilities then why you have a problem.
Now atlast she stopped being intimate to him saying she feels bad when he is drunk as a last resort bcz that effects him…but she is worried too that isnt she doing a sin by not fulfilling his husbands rights???
Please consider this matter and give a proper solution for the girl
Would be obliged!


Wa alaykum salam

I really appreciate your friend’s efforts for keeping her family on the right track.May Allah help her to achieve her goal.

My suggestion is that your friend should continue with nahy anil munkar (forbid her husband to refrain from this vice) but should not stop performing her duties.

By obeying Allah your friend’s words and deeds will be more effective on her husband.