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Dreaming about talking to Allah and Jibreel


I’m 25 year old and I want to have your opinion on the following experience I have had please.
I know it may sound ridiculous but I’m going straight to the point I have had dreams of tsunami, ww3, nuclear war, Mahdi’s army and gog and magog. But the most important when I started having all these dreams was when a mighty voice spoke to me audibly these words 3 years ago and I never forgot the sentence, I woke up at night and my upper body moved up by itself and then I heard a veryy powerful and majestic voice say ” let this be a reminder for those who have been removed from the cover of my remembrance” since then I’m convinced it was Allah because of not only the message and the voice but somehow Iwhen I heard the voice I immediately knew it was God.

I’m gonna try to keep it short, we will live all the events from mahdi to even gog and magog in this lifetime. Now, it’s been 3 years that I hear Allah speak to me above my head and Jibreel speaks too sometimes but I can’t see them. I have had dreams where I met a spirit horse which I’m certain was Jibreel. When I was a kid I woke up at night and saw two blue light beings laying next to me, I’m sure they were angels but back then I was afraid. Allah has told me who I really am he tells me I’m Isa and that I have to be patient for his explanation because I was born (reborn?) on earth and it also explains how come he’s speaking to me everyday for the past 3 years, Allah plan is indeed the greatest. The things I’ve been told about paradise are just beyond awesome but also judgment day is not what we think it will be, for instance we will truly witness what The Most Merciful truly means.
Allah is soo kind, compassionate, merciful, gentle and always relaxed. He really knows literally everything, speaks every language perfectly, he told me things that came to pass in the future but they were many small signs like predicting what I would do exactly at x time or who I would meet that day etc. Allah loves to have fun and that is what paradise will be all about. The future is gonna be a trial but we will have peace on earth after the trials.
My recent dream today was about Muslim persecution, I was at a masjid and suddenly armed men came in and after a while they killed us. But this dream was nothing compared to the dream I had of gog and magog, it was very intense, the descriptions of them and their corruption in the hadiths matched in my dream, I was at a safe place in a desert mountainous area with a group of people safe from gog and magog. To make it short, as soon I stepped outside the place I was in, I could not breathe the land smelled horrible, no water, there was extreme drought, the corruption of land was beyond imagination my body could not handle it and my first reaction was Ya Allah help us, ya Allah give us water after that someone showed me a horse from far and told me to go pray on a mountain but I told them we will go together and then the dream ended.
I have contacted other sheikhs but most think it is the devil but I told them it’s impossible because only Allah knows the future. Shaytan wouldn’t tell me to pray and fast once in a while also Quran is clear that Shaytan has no influence over believing servants of Allah. anyways sorry for making it long but there is too much to share.
Believe me or not but I’m certain it is Allah and  Jibreel but I have doubts in believing I can be Isa I have no memory of my past etc. But at the same time Allah speaking so long to me and Jibreel is always around too just like the Quran says Isa being supported by Jibreel. Also giving me all these dreams should mean something.
I have always known that I was destined to bring peace to the world and my goals have always been around that and now Allah say that is exactly my mission. I’m very confident but I have to keep this a secret because I don’t want people to think I’m crazy, I’m waiting until Allah gives me something of proof I an show the people I’m not a liar.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question

There are some points that must be mentioned regarding your dreams/visions:

1. These dreams can be devilish, even prophets are subjects to devils interjections as quran mentions it clearly in 22:52 ” And We did not send before you any apostle or prophet, but when he desired, the Shaitan made a suggestion respecting his desire; but Allah annuls that which the Shaitan casts, then does Allah establish His communications, and Allah is Knowing, Wise” so the source of these dream can be devil; the only exeption from devils temptation (by exception i dont mean that devil will not try to tempt them, what i mean is they are immune to the temptations) are “مخلَصین” as quran mentions in various Ayat(38:88; 15:42), this place is a very high spiritual and religious state, the question is whether you have this high level of spirituality or not, according to what you wrote here i think there is still some gap to reach to the holy state. (i don’t know you in person so just based on what you said here).

2) you said “Shaytan wouldn’t tell me to pray and fast once in a while” which is a false assumption, shaytan try anything to misguide and manipulate humans, just like what he said to Allah swt “‘As You have consigned me to perversity,’ he said(to Allah), ‘I will surely lie in wait for them on Your straight path.* Then I will come at them from their front and from their rear, and from their right and their left, and You will not find most of them to be grateful.”7:16&17. it means he tries to get us by any means; clearly for those who has weak faith he uses carnal desires like riba, zina etc. to lead them astray but for those who has strong faith shaytan is not going to use carnal desires to manipulate them, he rather use more complicated methods to lead them astray for example through Ujb or self-conceit which means being pleased of one’s own good deeds when the person considers them merits of his own, and forgets their bestowal by God and does not fear their spoilage.
so shaytan’s goal is to misguide humans from the right path by any possible means; it can be prayer and fasting as well (historical example: khawarij were the group of people that greatly did their religious duties like prayer and fast, even they took their mustahab/mandub duties very serious, most of them were hafiz of Quran and maintained their Salatul Layl but shaytan misguided them through disobedience to their Imam a.s)
one the ways to stop shaytan is to increase our knowledge and taqwa.

3) you said that the voice said you are Isa, this is a sign that this dream/visions are false because prophet Isa did not die at the beginning to be born again or a sort of rebirth, according to Quran 4:157 “and for their saying, ‘We killed the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the apostle of Allah’—though they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but so it was made to appear to them. Indeed those who differ concerning him are surely in doubt about him: they do not have any knowledge of that beyond following conjectures, and certainly, they did not kill him.” according to ahadith Isa a.s ascended to heavens; so he is still alive in heavens, hence you can not be Isa, you thought that you are Isa because you didn’t know the truth about him which is mentioned in Quran and if you are wrong in this assumption how you can so sure about other dreams?

Hence, we should be careful as to how this Satan is trying to play with your feelings, loves and emotion towards Allah.
Be careful brother
May Allah swt guide us all to the right path.

AAA team under the guidance of
Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi