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Doubts regarding appointment of witness

1.) Can anyone be witness without appointment ?
2.) Does witness should know that he has been made witness? Or without him Having knowledge that he has been made witness without consulting him or taking his permission
3.) Is any process of making or appointing witness? Means asking them to become witness or taking their permission for witnessing ( as without asking or permission they themself dont know that they are witness)
4.) Does person who has been asked to be witness have choice / power to deny ( not accept) to be witness , or they have to compulsorily be witness when asked?

Al-Salam Alaykum

baring witness is the right of Muslim over other Muslim and no one can refuse to be a  witness if a rightful asks.

1- yes, saying and confessing is enough. however, different law system has its own rules and regulation about accepting a testimony.

2- No, however, as said, it is the right of anyone to ask the witness to give testimony for one’s right.

3- There is not any official appointment or so as such. However, every kind or type of testimony has its own conditions and if one of them are not met the testimony is not valid.

Denying Testimony is not permissible. however, one can demand service pertaining to offering the service.

best regards!
Sayyid Madani