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Doubts on existence of God



I have so many doubts about god I dont know when and how they comes I tried to my best to clearing my doubts since two years but the doubts are not clear , I am very depressed , I offer my prayers, reguraly recite zikr and I even offered tahajud, read quran with translation , I watchd  many videos on youtube  about  God’s existance, Gone through so many websites but sir I don’t know why my doubts are have not been cleared,  I fast every Mondays and Tuesdays , I ask Allah for guidance I recite this Dua ‘Amantubillahi’ but all these things are not working for me
Sir whenever I see the atheist comments and watch atheist videos then I think that God really doesn’t exists ,I think that if God really does not exist and I just thought that God exists.
If God really exists then why many scientist don’t believe in God and many peoples are leaving their religion and become ex muslims and  so on….
Please help me I am in a very  bad condition and very depressed  please
Allah hafiz


Wa Alaikum al-salam

thanks for your question

Having doubts is not bad per se, it could lead to critical thinking opens doors toward understanding. For clearing these doubts you can take the following steps inshaAllah it become useful:

  1. Know your believes and your theological system. In Islam understanding and having arguments for principle of religion (usul al-din) is obligatory(Wajib) meaning you can not say I accept the unity and existence of Allah swt because my family/friends does so. You must be able to argue for your belief. There are lots of online articles and courses for Islamic theology.
  2.  After knowing the arguments you can move to next level which could be debates in different forms. In this part you will learn the doubts along with their replies, its either satisfy you or not if you think the response is good then your faith will be intact, and if you aren’t convinced by the response, you can always check it with us or other communities, websites and forums to find a response convince you. This inshaAllah will strengthen your faith
  3. Only after knowing the responses and vaccinating yourself about doubts, then check the comments and videos of atheists.


In reply to your Question about that “If god really exists then why many scientist don’t believe in God and many peoples are leaving their religion and become ex muslims”

First, while that’s not really true,Many scientists believe in God, some don’t  because of secular systems of education most of people are not familiar with the idea of God, or any immaterial (metaphysical) thing like soul

Second, numbers of believers in something doesn’t mean that they are on the right path, for example before modern days people thought that the Earth is flat. This argument doesn’t mean that the earth was rightfully right because many belived so?!

third,  modern science is based on foundations that has no place for God or metaphysics, like empiricism. so it is natural that those who have grown in this path, like some scientists,  don’t believe in God.



Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi