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Doubts in the Wudu


Question: If I am in the Masjid and during salaat , I have doubts whether my wudu broke or not , What should I do ?


Waalaykum salam

If this is a one time doubt: then you must go back to the state you were in and are certain of that state. (this is called Istishaab) e.g. you made Wudhoo and went into the Masjid to pray. a thought crosses your mind if the Wudhoo is still there or not? becasue this is a doubt, you have to go back to the last certain state and that is that you still remeber doing wudhoo. therefore you Wudhoo is intact.

if you are someone who always doubts for no reason: then do not pay attention to the doubts because it will only make it worse. just ignore the doubt and Pray your Salah.

best wishes