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doubt after cleaning the najasat


Assalamualaikum ustaad, Today I did ghusl for wet dream, the mani had dried up on my privates and testicles. When I went in the shower, I did one quick rinse without touching, soaped my privates down and then washed my privates again. When washing the second time, I scrubbed my private itself but not my testicles. I washed the soap off my privates and also washed my testicles once more. After coming out, I touched my testicles and it felt kind of slippery as if the mani was still there. I smelt my hand which also distinctly smelt of mani. Does this mean that the mani is still there? Is it because I didn’t scrub that part even though I soaped it and washed it? Nothing new came out, and i definitely put soap on it and rinsed it off. I need to know asap because the towel i used afterwards may now be impure. I have waswasa so it worries me a lot.


Waalaykum Salaam,

Please refer to the following link: Cleaning of Najasat

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