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I don’t want to have more kids.


Assalaam-u-alaikum.. I am a married man, I got married 2 years ago (Arranged) and now have a son who is 5 months old. My married life is filled with problems like, 1: My wife doesn’t listen to me (Na Farmaan). 2: Even if she listens to me she Always shares everything to her parents. 3: A lot of Interference of her parents sister and brother. (Her Father says to her (my wife) if she has any problem in my house, come back to his home) 4: And recently few months ago due to some misunderstanding she left my home without my consent and without the consent of my elders in my house. 5: Now, due to all these issues and constant insulting due to my less salary, I foud a job Abroad and I am working here since past 6 months. She says she doesn’t like to stay in my home when I am not in India so she lives with her parents. I have agreed on this too and told she can keep switching places (my house and her mom’s house). That too she follows sometimes and sometimes she doesn’t. 6: She lie to me. 7: She is Sharp tongue. I ask Allah to give me love and respect from my wife however I am still praying. but after all this, She also says she loves me but doesn’t care about me or our house and I don’t see any love and understanding in her actions. I know I am not an Angel and I am not 100% perfect either but I do care for her and I understand that my wife is my responsibility and I will take care and fulfill all my responsibilities till I am alive In Shaa Allah. My question to you is. As I am not happy heartily, I don’t want to have any more kids. Will this action cause to have any Gunaah (Sin) on me as I don’t want kids as I am not happy.


Waalykum salam brother

Thank you for your Question,
It’s ok not to want children for a while and maintain birth control plan for that matter. You can have a good gap between your first and the next child(ren)to help you out with other issues that you are into.
I would suggest you give this relation sometime. As your child grows, and your relation with your wife grows, you will be able to broaden your horizons and things will ease between the two of you. And you will be able to have more children and enjoy them.
Good luck
Kind regards


Naajiya Jaffery