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Domestic violence and marriage.



My question is about a woman who married to a man since 14 years, she was tortured by her husband since last 14 years, her husband thinks that wife is only for sex and kitchen, he never loves her except for Sex, He always tortures her to do sex with him, he thinks wife is only for sex, he always fight with her for sex and behaves rudely, we met on a social platform, and she told me her story, her husband is a government employee, so he has power, That lady wants khula from her husband but due to society and she never told about his nature to her family, but now I want to marry  her, and I want to support  her to take khula from her husband… So that I can marry her in halal way…I am 24 year old and she is 34 year .

Please guide me, am I on right path…no doubts Allah knows well I just want to release her pain…



Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question

I am sorry to hear about what this sister has to go through. May Allah make it easy for her.

It’s  also very nice to know that there are people like you who care about others problems and try to help them.

In this case I am sure you sincerely want to help this sister solve her problems.  And I think divorce and khula should be the last option.

First of all ,it is very important that she involves her family and then a reliable and respected person speak to her husband and try  to persuade him to change his behavior.

Both of  might need to meet a counselor who can advice them how to solve their problems.

If nothing works then if the counselor advice’s, the sister can ask  for khula.

Sukaina Taqavi