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doing istanjah with right hand


Salam Alykum
When i was a child actually i fell from bed and fractured my right arm, so my ability to learn writing and eat food was practiced by my left hand and as soon as my right hand recovered (Alhumdolillah) I started learning how to eat and write with right hands and during this practicing period i unknowingly also started learning to do Istanjah with my right hand.(Regretfully)
Now im 18 years old and got to know that it is makrooh to do istanjah with right hand but im now used to with right hand.
I can actually learn to do it with left hand but it will take time for me to learn and during this time my physical purity will be greatly affected and i will not be satisfied of my purity done with left hand Istanjah. Now what is the fatwa for me?
Jazak Allah.

Wa alaykum salaam
Thank you for your email.
According to the law it is disapproved to do taharah with your right hand. This means it is better to wash yourself with your left hand.
The laws of Islam has been set in such a way that people should be able to live a better and healthier life. If we follow the rules, we are doing good to ourselves.
My suggestion is that you should train yourself to wash with your left hand.
Just make sure that the najasah is completely removed and washed. If this is done, it means you have done your duty and that is what matters.
In Islam what matters is following the rules Allah has set for us and not our personal satisfaction.
But if it is very difficult for you to do all this and you feel that the najasah is not being washed properly, you can wash yourself with your right hand.
Sukaina Taqawi.