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Is it true that a child will grow to be a sinner because his parents don’t pray?


I have read somewhere I believe from a tradition which says that if the parents have sexual intercourse while skipping the prayer, then if they were to have a child, that child would become prone to sin or be corrupt. Is this true? If it is, then why should the child have to pay for the parents’ mistake?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

I haven’t come across Such a Hadith. It will be useful if you provided a reference for it.

As for the General questions. First of, having a physical relation with your spouse isn’t a sin, rather, it is a holy and natural instinct.

second, A child is to carry most traits from his parents. So, if the parents were mostly or always skipping prayers, the child may follow the same because children follow examples. They grow by seeing their elders and follow suite. Hence, it can be said that a child may grow as someone who doesn’t pray as a consequence of his/ her parents negligence toward it. However, the child will be accounted for his own actions, because guidance for him is at the same level as for the rest of the humanity

Hope this was useful