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Does smoking marijuana invalidate salah


Does smoking marijuana invalidate your salah for 40 days as alcohol does? My friends do it and believe it doesn’t invalidate their salah.



Salaamun Alaykum and thank you for your question.

Before answering your question, please bear in mind the following…

When it comes to actions of “ibaadaat” such as praying salaat, fasting etc there are two aspects that are linked but different to one another. The first is the correctness in completing an act. E.g. Salaat – You have performed your wudhu correctly, you have stood in the correct direction of qibla, recited the arabic accurately etc. This act is considered correct.

The second stage to this is whether this correct act is now accepted by Allah swt or not and thereafter if the spiritual proximity to Him, rewards that He provides and purity of the soul are activated or not.

Think of it as writing up an email, having the correct email address of the recipient, thereafter pressing send but realising there is no internet connection and thus your email will neither be sent, nor received by the recipient.

Based on the above, we can better understand the authentic hadith in al-Kafi vol pg no. 401 hadith no. 4 which states – Imam al Sadiq a.s. said: He who drinks alcohol, Allah swt will not accept his salaat for 40 days.

Therefore, someone who has consumed alcohol, their salaat may be correctly performed (valid) but will not be accepted by Allah swt for 40 days. In relation to marijuana, some of the scholars of fiqh have suggested this non-acceptance is restricted to alcohol while others have attested to it having the same implications if one consumes narcotics.

We have an authentic narration from Imam al Baqir a.s. which states: The first thing that will be accounted is a person’s salaat – if it is accepted, the rest of his actions will be accepted.

On a side note, it is evident that you have a concern for your relationship with Allah swt and your deen or else you wouldn’t have taken the time to write this question or hesitate to imitate your friends when they are/were engaging in such acts.

I leave you with a narration to ponder over which may help you consider changing your environment and friends circle if you’re not able to change their ways – The Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: Jesus the son of Mary (pbu them both) was asked who should we sit and spend our time with, to which he replied: “Sit with he who his outer appearance reminds you of Allah swt, and when he speaks he increases you in knowledge, and his actions inspires you to long for the afterlife.

إِلَهِي‏ أَقِمْنِي‏ فِي‏ أَهْلِ وَلَايَتِك‏

May you be in the company of the lovers of Allah

Haj Abu Jawaad