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Does Shia madhab allow me to marry a girl from Sunni Madhab.


I am 22 years old male. I like a women who is of the same age and is a sunni Muslim. I want to get married to her to which I have a few questions.
1.Does my madhab allow me to do so ?
2.If yes, I convey it to my parents?
3. What is the advice to both of us for the future life ?

Awaiting your precious reply


Al-Salam Alaykum

the short answer is, Yes. it is allowed to get married to a Muslim from other Madahib but it is highly discouraged as it has  multiple effects on your life and your future children. in a mutual life you would face many situations in which you need the support of your wife. when she does not share the same thinking foundations, reaching to a mutual decisions would be hard or impossible.  this would hurt you and the peace of mind. In futures also your children would face identity crisis.

I think the best way for your life is to start a discussion  with the girl about the right way to follow our Prophet and guide her to the right Madhab.  this means you must learn about your Madhab, so you can defend it properly.

Best regards!