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Does najasat get transferred while shaking hands with Friends?


What if a man has sex and is dirty due to naajasat and doesnt do ghusal or taharat and goes out on his car meets his friends shake hands with them, will the friends also become napak? The friends know he is in napak condition.


Assalamu Alaykum
Thank you for your Question

A person in the state of Janabah is impure to do any worshiping acts. He must perform ghusl and proceed towards his acts of worship.
However his body isn’t an entity of Najis as such that if he touched something Or somewhere that will be Najis itself.

If a person however, God forbid, has unlawful physical relation, then his sweat is Najis.

I find it wise to mention that base understanding of Taharat and Najasat is to know that:

كلُّ شی‏ءٍ طاهرٌ حتّى تعلم أنه قَذر
Meaning: everything is paak unless it is proven to be Najis

Therefore, you do not need to worry about anything unless you are sure of their Najasah

Hope this helps