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Does Muddy Water Invalidate Wudhu?


Assalamualikum my question is if the muddy water splits on the pants then wadhu becomes invalid and before praying i washed my pants with water assuming that washing is enough kindly advice me


Waalaykum Salaam,

Kindly refer to Mas’alah No. 329:

((329. Wudhu becomes void on account of the following seven things:

Passing of urine. Excretion. Passing wind from the rear. A sleep, deep enough to restrict sight and hearing. However, if the eyes do not see anything, but the ears can hear, Wudhu does not become void. Things on account of which a person loses his sensibility, like insanity, intoxication or unconsciousness. Istihaza which will be dealt with later. Janabat, and, as a recommended precaution, every state which requires Ghusl.))


The above mentioned things invalidate the wudhu. If the muddy water was najis (impure) then you, just change your pants or wash off the najasat before prayers – your wudhu is still valid. If the muddy water was just dirty then you can pray with those clothes and your prayer and wudhu is valid (Although it is recommended to pray with clean clothes). 

With thanks and regards,

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