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Does Islam give permission to leave your father


Does Islam says to leave your father .. my father has done many wrong things . Which are definitely very bad sins .. I can’t leave my father because I’m very attached with him .. but my rest family insisting to leave my father so that he feels entire his life that what he has done .. I’m not leaving him , Am I doing wrong ..? Need guidance


Salamun Alaykum

Thank you for your query.

Since I don’t know what exactly he had done, I can’t give a verdict but will guide in general. I don’t know some of the things like, what wrong/sin he has done due to which other family members stay away and if you are married or living alone with him.

If a person had done something wrong in his life and therefore repented, then one must also forget what he has done in the past and  carry on with the life ahead.

None of us are infallible, we all have different spiritual problems but some have more problems due to which others will run away. Either a person indulges in sin secretly and then repents or sins openly and repents. In the mentioned cases as he had repented the people should also let it go.

But in some cases person sins openly or harms you due to which people stay away from you. In this case the sinner/harmful person is the reason for which others move away and doesn’t want to stay with him.

Leaving father isn’t recommended. Try to unite them. If your father has already done which was Haram in Islam then he would feel it and once he feels that he has done wrong, others will unite. You can play a role in this by re uniting your father with your family. It may take some time. But these are all guidance without knowing the real reason, so you can move forward accordingly. Always leaving someone may not give you the result, but you can speak to him while staying with him trying to re unite the family. As your family(mother or siblings) is living away, this itself may bring a change and your father feels the lack of family bond.

You can mail us again to get more information but we recommend to mention the exact case to get the proper guidance in that particular area.

May Allah(swt) grant you success


Syed Haider