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does impurity transfer through moisture on palm


Please answer this question Shaykh … Dont refer me to fatwa, as already I have searched throughout internet but could not find answers to this…I am a practicing muslim and recently I am just surrounded by too many doubts… In Islam, it is said that impurity transfers through wetness and doesn’t transfer when it is dry… My doubt is that, our hands constantly emit oil and that is through our palms fingerprint,etc etc, hence I feel our palms are constantly wet due to this…So does it mean that impurity transfers through this…. & Also, please clarify me with the above question if there is some moisture in ones hand…The palm is dry but , when you closely observe your palm under light, you will observe that palm has small tiny tiny particles/drops of moisture on your hand… So does this transfer impurity… Please advice me on this, It will be a great help for me…Jazakallahukhair

Salaamun alaykum 

Thank you for your question. The issue of transferal of najasat is if the wetness of either of the objects that come into contact is such that the wetness of one transfers to the other. So if the sweat is enough then it can be wet enough to transfer najasat. 

On the other hand, the small amount of moisture that is on what would usually be considered to be a dry hand would usually not be enough to transfer najasat, as the moisture from a dry hand does not transfer to the other object when that object is also dry.

May you always be successful
Zohair Ali.