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Does husband have right to stop visiting parents


I am married with a person out of my culture but following same fiqh. We do have mental compatibility issues. He wants me to stay with his parents in another city and not with himself just for the sake that he wants to serve his parents and he has job in the city we are currently living. He does have an elder brother who is taking care of his parents. Because of all this, he fights, abuses and hits me. He does not let me visit my parents. If I try to persuade him, he blackmails me for the children that he will take both my kids, a girl (6 months, on breastfeed) and a boy (2.5 yrs old). Now, my question is: Is it right to send me to live with his parents? Does he have the right to stop me for visiting my parents? Can he take away my kids?
I am a restless mother, satisfy me plz


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your question and I’m quiet saddened to hear your story.

So a woman and a man marry to live with one another and be by each other’s side. It is good to think and look after each other’s parents but not at the cost of loosing or putting your partner at difficulty.
He possesses the right to stop you from leaving the house. However, it isn’t ethical for him to stop you for no good reason , especially seeing your parents.

There is a legal age for the father to claim the custody of the child(ren). Usually, the country law puts weight on the mother to keep the children.

InshaAllah nothing Like that comes your way and your issues are solved.

Kindly seek some counselling and get help from a person that your husband will listen to.
Also, domestic violence is a crime. Kindly get help in this regard and keep yourself and the children safe InshaAllah

You are in my prayers
Kind regards
Naajiya Jaffery