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Does Cigarette Invalidate Wudhu? (Urdu)


Kia cigarette pene se wazoo toot jata hay


Salaam Alaykum,

* Kindly refer to Mas’alah No. 329:

329. Wudhu becomes void on account of the following seven things:

Passing of urine. Excretion. Passing wind from the rear. A sleep, deep enough to restrict sight and hearing. However, if the eyes do not see anything, but the ears can hear, Wudhu does not become void. Things on account of which a person loses his sensibility, like insanity, intoxication or unconsciousness. Istihaza which will be dealt with later. Janabat, and, as a recommended precaution, every state which requires Ghusl.

* – Masa’alah No. 329

Cigarette pine se wudhu nahi toot-ta.

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