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Intercourse with wife


Asalam O Alaiqum,

i wanted to ask one question related to intercourse with wife. Tonight, my friend has done intercourse with his wife from back side by using oil, it was not his intention to put his penis in Hip Hole means Anal, he wanted to put inside by proper way as told in our religion but it was night and because of oil, it just slipped little part of penis inside Anal, only small part not even complete and later on his wife informed him about it, he was angry that why her wife didnot stopped him. It was just mistake and not intentionally. And he is asking from me and i wanted to ask from you. So will it break contract of marriage or will it affect on nikah? Because it was just by mistake not intentionally and even not entered properly. please guide me. I shall be thankful to you.


Wa alaykum salam

Anal sex does not break the nikah.
This is the ruling:

anal sexual intercourse based on obligatory precaution with a woman without her consent is not permitted.

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Sukaina Taqawi.