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Does Allah hate me?



I have the feeling that God doesn’t like me that much.. It’s just the way my life is going and the way He never answers any of my prayers regarding my own life. I also make a lot of wishes for people that I love and those wishes always come true. I might not be the best Muslim, but I try really hard, but I feel like that really doesn’t matter at all. Like He just doesn’t like me, but then I read that He loves all his creations, but I’m just not feeling it. I just try to always turn to Him, but it’s really hard, because I just know that He really just doesn’t care for it. Is there like a way to change that? To like finally get an answer to my prayers… and I’m not even asking much either…


Al-Salam Alaykum

For sure Allah loves you! Not you alone everyone on the face of earth Allah says,” Indeed Allah is most kind and merciful to mankind” Quran 22:65. one sign is the wishes you made for others and it comes true.

For the Duas you make you must know Allah saved them for the right time. For example, you asked for money. lots of money but if Allah gives you that money suddenly you are not prepared for it. You don’t know how to manage it, how to use it in the best way, how to make the best use of it. So, Allah give it to you little by little so you learn stuff regards that.

So you must learn and walk the path toward reaching that Dua. Dua without action would not be accepted. When you are prepared for that Duas it will come true.

Always ask yourself: in our Dua are we asking Allah or are we ordering him? If we are asking Him and we know Allah is capable of giving it to us and He is not stingy, then, the reason we are not getting our Dua is in ourselves. If we are ordering him…
are we really in the place of such order?! I think not!!

Don’t loose hope! Always ask and then prepare for the Dua. If we did not get some of our Dua it would be saved for us for later; either in this world or the next!
best would be to ask HIM (az) to give you whats best for you. and it won’t fail you inshaAllah.

best regards!
AAA under the guidance of Sayyid Madani