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Do I have the right to ask for divorce


I was recently in a forced arranged marriage. From the beginning I did not like my husband, when I heard about him, I told my parents I wasn’t interested, but my mom installed fear in me saying this is the marriage Allah chose for me and denying it will get me punished. Out of fear I said yes to the marriage. I soon later realized that I have no compatibility or attraction towards my husband, and I begged my mom to call off the marriage, but she instead yelled to kick me out, knowing that I am not financially stable. Now married, I am miserable everyday, my husband is not a bad person, but I am not attracted to him, being intimate with him grosses me out and emotionally damages me. I decided to save up money, divorce, but will it be haraam?


Salaamun alaykum sister,
I am very sorry that you were forced into a marriage. I am sure it must have been and is very difficult for you.
Islamically you are allowed to ask your husband for a divorce although divorce is very undesirable in islam.
I dont know your whole situation so i cant say much, but i would advise that now that the marriage has taken place, and as you said your husband is a nice man; it would be nicer if you tried to look and pay attention to all the good that is in your husband. That might help you get over the side you dont like about him.
And most importantly, pray to Allah (swt) to put love for him inside your heart. In these times, it is difficult to find a nice man.
InshaAllah may He help you to take the best decision thats good for you in this world and the next.

Zahra Davdani