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Diyah for Abortion for past relationship


when I was young I had a relationship under muta with a girl and had a total of 4 abortions all under 5 weeks although I did not consent to this, I did not say no because deep down I did not want the child. I am a reformed Muslim now and have a guilty conscious and I have read up and think I need to pay Islamic dues for my actions diyah can you tell how much this is.

Waalaykum Salam
Abortion is a grave sin and I’m glad that you have realized that and wishing to do something about it.
Forgiveness from Allah is foremost. You must repent sincerely and ask for HIS forgiveness. the Islamic due “Diyah” is to be paid by the person who actually did it.
Therefore, if a doctor performed the procedure then it is him or her who has to pay the due.
If your wife did it then she is to pay the due to you.
Kindly refer to the link below for detailed answers: Abortion