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Divorced parents feeling insecure about their relation with children


Assalam o alaikum,
Im a converted ithna ashari, Im married and mother of a boy…. My husband is also ithna ashari alhamdulillah…. I live in joint family but now our financial condition is not good and we cannot afford to live together….
My own parents got separated a year ago and my brother is living with my mother…. My father was living with his sister lately but now he wants me to move with him alongwith my husband and son in a separate house…. This is apparently beneficial for me as my husband has no job nowadays and we are in a financial crisis
The problem is that my mother is not happy with me because of this decision of mine because of her insecurity that this way our relationship will be affected and all the conflicts which she has with my father and his family…..
My mother is also converted ithna ashari but my father is ahle sunnat
What should i do in this case?


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question

All you need to do is to assure your mother about your relation with her. You may want to ask an elderly or an influential person,who your mother would listen to, and assure her of the same.
on a side note, you must not let anything get in the way of your relation with your parents. Even if they are separated, both have rights on you and you must try your best to keep them both happy. (Unless one is asking you to go against Allah (az)’s orders). Your best bet would be to be a good listener and take no sides. That way you will always be safe and both parents will be happy with you InshaAllah. You may want to reach out to your mother a little more than before to make her feel secured.

InshaAllah all goes well,