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Divorce confusion


I want to ask question about divorce. My wife and i was fighting on chat. She was writing annoying things and i was in
extreme mad anger. She was writing that i am trying to be independent to do my tasks on my own as you dont do my tasks.
and the problem is that i am doing her tasks with all of my heart as i find some time. She is all time blaming. I was
abusing her as i gone mad. and in the last i wrote her that ok i am independent too. Same was my context that i will not
like to do your tasks.
She said that now you divorced me by saying that you are independent. I used wording that “I am independent”.
After reading her perception next day ,i went back to read again that what is she saying and i was not sure in madness
what i wrote.
Since that day i am not sleeping and continuously worried about the matter. I read much over the web. I believe that how
can it be divorce, as clearly i have not said that i am going to leave her. then how can it be divorce?
Kindly guide me so that i shall be sure about the decision.


Waalaykum Salam,

For a divorce to be correct, it has to have the following conditions:

1- You have to have two believing adults as your witness
2- The woman has to be clean of her menstrual period and also shouldn’t be pregnant
3- Proper Arabic words need to be uttered for the act to take place.

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Remarry Divorced wife

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