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Property Division after Divorce


Salaam, I live in Canada, I need some information about divorce in Islam. In Canadian law if couple goes for divorce, every thing divide 50% plus spousal support and child support. My wife is house maker, I make money even I made some money before I got married. Can my wife claim my assets 50% in Islamic law or can I claim her assets 50%. How money should be divided in Islam after divorce, please also explain about child support and spousal support.


Alaykum Salaam

If the couple wants to abide by Islamic divorce, then each party has a right from the assets of what they have put of their personal funds but additionally, an equitable settlement must be made taking into account each spouse’s contribution to the household during the marriage. A local Islamic scholar can be consulted.

The cost of the upkeep and welfare of the children is the responsibility of the father.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer