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Disturbance in Life due to nightmare


As-salam alekuim and Hope you are well.

I have a serious concern which is starting to affect me now more and would really use with some guidelines. For several months now I have been having really weird dreams which I have ignored for a while as I believed they were just nightmares. However this has now been consistent and as I share a room with my sister this would occur when she leaves and I am alone by myself. The last time this happened (today) I felt pressure on my head and people around me I can’t talk though I hear English voices saying ‘ don’t worry she can’t speak only hear us’ and severe pressure on my back. I can only see my bed not the people but I’ve seen spiders crawling to me, chattering and feels like my mind was being controlled or as if stuff were being put inside as I saw stuff floating to my head. Now before I’ve had dreams where I’ve fallen from one place to another and someone trying to take me somewhere ‘before I wake up’, all these people sound exactly the same and now I’m starting to believe it’s deeper than a nightmares so I’ve been searching about possible reasons, I’ve looked at evil eye and when I’ve been read Quran on in the past I felt my body just instantly hurt and pain on it- but now these dreams are starting to worry me. I have also in the past been a person who was spcialble with my friends group but don’t really speak to much anymore. I feel very happy isolated and don’t mind mainly because I’m busy with university but also when I’m free I tend to spend time at home or with family. But I do feel very distant even in deen hence why I’ve been practicing more now. I just wanted to ask what I could do about this? any specific Ayahs or sunnahs you could suggest to me would be very helpful and dua too. JazakhaAllahff Khair


Wa alaykum salaam

Thank you for your question. From what you have described this is not really a question that can be answered online. It is important that if this continues you seek help from a person who is qualified to deal with these issues and can guide you.

I will generally advise you on a few things.

Firstly, do not try and solve this through practicing duas/dhikr/specific reading of ayat unless under guidance. What you can do yourself is make personal duas, seek forgiveness and make salawat. Secondly, try and remain in a state of ritual purity (ghusl and wudu). That is, do not sleep in the state of janabat and try and sleep in the state of wudu. Thirdly, do not distance yourself too much from people. Keep company that is of benefit especially to your religion and knowledge.

May Allah solve this issue for you by His love of the Infallibles (as).

Kind Regards,

Zoheir Ali.