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distribution of property as per islamic way


My name is syed ali shahzad naqvi (faraz) we are two brother and one sister my father syed ali sajjad naqvi transfer our house in favor of my brother syed ali abbas naqvi , i just want to ask that is it allowed in islam . My brother abbas passed a statment that he will give our share in the property but we have no faith on him as he is not of one word man. He use to say diffirent things and different times. Therefore i want a islamic fathwa in this regards . You are requested to reply as soon as possible


Waalykum salam

Thank you for your Question.

Since your father gave the house to your brother, as his own, then he (your brother) is the sole and legal owner of the house.
Your brother is not obliged to share the property with his siblings. But if he is willing to share it, the it’s entirely up to him.

Hope this helps,
Kind regards

Naajiya Jaffery