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Dispute with Wife for expenses


Assalam O Alykum,

I have two wives here in UAE for which i was paying all the expenses till Feb 2020.

Due to Covid and other other legal issues, my company is not paying salary from March 2020 and ultimately now i am not able to bear the expenses of both home plus i am bound to stay in the company till the disputes in the company not being resolved.

My first wife, kept some ladies and her own brother on sharing in my home due to which they are meeting the routine expenditures of home by themselves

I have a daughter with second wife, who has some medical brain issues. as due to my financial position i am unable to bear the expenses of my families in Dubai . so i request my second wife to please go with my daughter to Pakistan whereby i am arranging rent home near my sister home plus food accommodation and hospital treatment fee (these are very low in Pakistan as compared to UAE.)
but my second wife is refusing to go Pakistan for all these and want to stay in Dubai and claiming the expenditures without considering that i am not getting salary since march 2020.
Now she is threatening me that she will send me legal notice for claiming the expenditures and i am requesting her for the time being please compromise on my financial situation and go Pakistan for daughter treatment. plus my first wife also agree to take her step daughter to Pakistan for her treatment but my second wife in not agree on that also.

Please help me to take right decision in the light of sharia.

Sukaina Taqawi.


Wa alaykum salaam

I am so sorry for what you have to go through, may Allah create ease In your life.

According to sharia providing nafaqah(maintenance) is wajib upon the husband unless the wife is asking more than his means.

In your case, Alhamdulillah as you mentioned, you have been performing this responsibility very well .
Now that you are in crisis ,your wife has to understand and support you.
Try to explain to her again or ask someone reliable like an aalim or a friend to speak to her.
If this doesn’t work there are other ways to solve the problem like taking a loan or …… but this is totally upto you to decide whether it is possible in your current situation or not.

Failure to this, you have tried your best, leave the rest to Allah and dont forget to pray to Him and IA He willl open doors for you.

Sukaina Taqawi