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Disobeying Father Due To His Behavior & Swearing Allah



i am here to ask something that kept bothering me for about a month now. my father was swearing Allah for he was mad over something he went on and on and on, it happened for the third time last month and since then i lost all respect i had for him.

i just wanted to know if this kind of behavior is right? i tried but i just cant forget what he did.

please help me here.


Salamun Alaykum

You are right that his behaviour is not correct; however your duty to your
father requires that you respect him and do your best to help and support

Find out what is the cause of his frustration as this appears to be a new
thing that he has done only in the last few months.

If you can remove his frustration and  counsel him gently that it is wrong
to take God’s name in vain, perhaps you will succeed Inshallah

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer