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disobedient wife


My wife usually fights and disrespects me over frivolous matters and deprives me of my sexual rights. This happens every now and then. I try my best to pray five times a day and keep away from haram deeds. I am an active man and her attitude frustrates me a lot. I can afford a second wife, but I know she will take away our two kids that I love lot. She knows that my kids are my weakness and exploits it. I am very upset. Please help.


Salaamun Alaykum

Thank you for your question. You are right in understanding that getting a second wife will probably not solve your marital issues with your current wife. You are faced with trying to solve these issues with wisdom for the sake of your children. In that light try to see how you can soften the relationship with your wife and don’t get dragged into arguments about small things. When these arguments become regular, bad feeling builds up and sometimes a couple do not even know why they are arguing anymore and loose sight of the good things in their marriage. Communicate and explain to her how you feel and try and understand why she is acting the way she is and see if you can find a solution. Try and do this in a calm and amicable fashion as an exercise in strengthening your relationship.
May you always be successful