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discovered husband cheated and now wants divorce


I have 4 years of marriage and a little 3 years old boy. I discovered my husband cheats me and now he wants to divorce. Ieven talked with that woman he cheated me with and she said is haram what i do and that i should let them be happy.If defending and fighting for my marriage is haram, what she does how can be named?I need an advice of what can i do to bring my husband back to me and his son that is missing him so much?thank you!

Salaam Alaykum
It is very unfortunate that some people without understanding the real teachings of Islam tend to do such things that is not appropriate for a good muslim.And their actions not only effect their lives but the also effect the life of those near to them who suffer a lot..Remember Allah never leaves anyone alone,if a person is afflicted with any difficulty it is because Allah wants to purify  him to attain higher level of Felicity.Therefore when a person  suffers and is patient,he is doing good to himself rather than anyone else.The Quran says:
إنما يوفى الصابرون أجرهم بغير حساب
“…Indeed, the patient will be given their reward without account.” [az-Zumar 39:10].
My dear sister one of the things you really need to do is be patient,if your husband is really involved with another woman it’ll not be easy to bring him back.
But im sure if u try patiently,Allah will help you to attain what is best for you.
Try and find out what is it that your husband is looking for, sometimes people lack something at home and look for it outside.
Try and do things to show him how much you love him and how much you and your son need him but without quarelling.
Meanwhile ask someone in your family/friends to speak to him,someone he reapects and listens to.
And the most important thing you should is always pray to Allah.Ask Him to help you and give you the best. This will give you solace and peace of heart .
But always make sure that what ever you do should be for Allah and never cross the limits Islam has set for you.
We are praying for you.
Sukaina Taqavi