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Dilemma about breaking an engagement or continue …..


I have a question on the behalf of a friend .She got engaged with a guy she wanted to marry , there have been some disputes in the family over their relationship but now everything has been set.  However, the brother has spoken with some other girl in an inappropriate manner just for fun. My sister found out and now she is confused about whether she should marry him or not because they struggled a lot to get engaged. If she does not marry him then her family will get humiliated and also they might force her to marry some other guy. She has lost trust in her fiance. The brother has sincerely apologized, but she does not know which step to take. She is trying istikhara but we need your advice on this, as everything is kept confidential from the elders for now. Should she leave him ? or should she trust him once again and keep everything to herself?


Wa alaykum salam

Thank you for your question.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Therefore it is very important to be very careful and discreet before making a decision.

According to my understanding, your friend’s problem with the brother is his character., which is a very important factor in a marriage. It is very difficult to live with a person who has a loose character.

I would suggest you try and get a little more information about the brother’s personality and character from people around him.

If you find out that what he did was part of his character and this kind of behaviour is a habit for him, then you should think twice before making a commitment. It is better to break the relationship at this point rather than regretting later.

But if this is not part of his behaviour and it was just a mistake, then there is nothing wrong in continuing with the relationship as all human beings make mistakes. Those who realize and rectify their mistakes can succeed in their lives.

Sukaina Taqavi