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Difference between marij and ma’arij


In surah 55: 15 word marij and
surah 70: 3 word ma’arij.
I want to know difference between marij and ma’arij. I googled and found that marij means smokeless flame and ma’arij means ascending upstairs, and plural of miraj. I am confused because only difference is ‘aa’. “Marij Ma’arij”.
Please explain to me sir. Jajakallahukhair.


Wa Alaikum al-salam

Thanks for your question
There is a difference between arabic and english in alphabet
some of arabic letters don’t have an even match in english for example “ق”, other letters has multiple matches in english for example “ء،ع،” which in english matches with “a”.
like english, arabic words are connected to each other, in some cases a group of words connects to a single root which obviously connects their meanings as well. but in the case of your question, the words “مارج(marij )” and “معارج (ma’arij)” come from different roots. “مارج(marij )” come from root “مرج(marj )” while the root of “معارج(ma’arij)” is “عرج(arj)”; so these words may seem similar but they come from different root and that is why their meaning is different.
Sheikh Mahdi Mosayyebi