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difference between Imams and Allah


Is it true that in Mufatih Aljanan in a Dua of the holy month of Rajab it says that the only difference between God and the imams is that God is the creator and the imams the worshippers? Does this mean that all the abilities God possesses, the imams also posses except that Allah is the creator and the imams his worshippers. If yes, how?

Salaam Alaykum,
Thank you for your question. A statement such as this one does not mean that God and the Imams (as) possess all abilities and that the difference is that the Imams (as) worship while God is worshipped. Rather, in the very concept of worship, the worshiped is He who possesses all perfection and the worshipper doesn’t possess any perfection except by the worshipped.
May you always be successful.