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Difference between Hadith and Rivaya



Can the word “Hadith” be used for a false narration, or is there a difference between a “Rivaya” (narration) and a “Hadith”, and the word “Hadith” only be used for a narration that has been authenticated?


Alaykum Salaam

Lexically, “Hadith” means “speech”, and its technical, practical meaning in religion, is “that which is reported from the acts, words and tacit approval of the Prophet (S), Janabe Sayyida (A) or the Imams (A)”

“Riwaya” means “narration” and to all intents and purposes it is the same meaning as hadith, although sometimes “hadith” is used for the Ma’sumin (A) while “riwaya” is used for a report about topics other than from them.

Other similar words are “athar”, “khabar”, etc

Hadith or riwaya can be authentic or otherwise.

Kind regards

Abbas Jaffer.