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I recently am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder,and knowing and unknowingly committed sins which were a part of this disorder, and were done out of helplessness, will Allah forgive me for those things I did because of this disorder


I recently am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder which occurs due to some childhood traumas, it affects my personality, and affects my way of treating people, inflicting self harm, and doing sins…can Allah forgive me because I didn’t do it without any reason, my mind and sotuations lead me to it and I couldn’t help it…can Allah accept my apologies and also my treatment may require a long long time and I may redo these things because my mind is out of control..Can Allah forgive me for that??


Wa alaykum salaam
Sorry to hear about your health problems,hope you get well soon.

According to Islam those people are accounted for their actions who do it with their own choice and free will.
As you mentioned, whilst peforming those actions your mind in not in your control and you do not do them voluntarily; therefore you will not be accounted for them. (needless to say, one is completely answerable for his/her voluntary acts).

But after you realize what you have done, it is your duty to compensate for the harm done either by apologizing or by paying for the damage.
Allah forgives those who realize their mistake and do tawba. He is the Most Merciful.

Hope you get well soon, our duas with you

AAA team under the guidance of Sukaina Taqawi.