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Dhuhr Prayers Instead of Salatul Jumu’ah


salaam Alaykum,

Kindly guide me on the following situation:

If a person goes to mosque on Friday during the adhaan of salatul jumuah, and Jumuah khutbah is on , but he prays zohrain prayers and does not wait for Jumuah prayers , is his prayers Valid , in the following situations

1. if its not a man but a woman

2. he had no niyyah to pray jumuah prayers when going mosque

3. he didn’t pray jumuah because of tiredness

4. for no reason

thank u


Alaykum Salaam.

Salatul Jumu’ah is an optional obligation, so one (man or woman) can choose to
either recite dhuhr prayers or salatul jumu’ah and they would have
performed their duty.

Kanize Zainab